Sunday, May 22, 2005

great news

hey everyone we have great news. we played two gigs and we have a lot of gigs comeing up we will update the specific times and places.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

battle of the bands

Battle of the bands is held on Friday June 10th from 5:30pm till 11:00 pm. It will be held at jakes garage. Everyone is invited there will be a small admission fee of 3.00 but nothing too bad. Hope you come check out four bands battle it out. you will have a great time. all ages are suitable. there is no cursing.


Hey again. We have some really good news. We have three upcoming gigs. Our first gig ever as a band is Monday May 16th at 12:30 in the middle school gym. Our second is at the middle school on May 31st for the eight grade send off party. and one more really big one is the battle of the bands. if you would like info on the battle of the bands we will publish post for that.

About us.

Hey everyone. We are thirty two cent quarter. wierd name huh? Well to start off I will introduce the band members and tell what they do. First we have Three lead guitars Brandon, Jake, and John. We of course have a bass. Ryan. We have drums Logan. We have a keyboarder Justin. and not to forget our singer Killian. It may seem like we have a big band. Well if you think that you are correct. But it doesnt matter how many people are in your band it matters on how good you guys sound together. And if you want to see how good we really are we will update our site when we figure out gigs.